there was a time

December 13, 2011 § 4 Comments

there was a time when
the search for peaceful
cohabitation was
formost in my usage of time
a doe eyed expedition
through the darkened
landscape of confused opposites
I, by luck or providence,
found it
and wear it as
comfortably as
a favorite sweatshirt

now it would seem
that small conversations
on the happenings
of our days and a chair
with proper
lumbar support
is about all I need
in the bliss department

that and at least two
uninterrupted hours
in middle afternoon
with nothing to do

yes, that and a cat
willing to trade
an air of faithfullness
for a spot in my lap as
the nights creep toward
sub freezing

and let’s not forget
a book, one with
ideas wholly unoriginal
but worded so brilliantly
that a spark of insight
flashes momentarily
beneath my greying scalp
just before sleep
wins again


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