the measure of a reading

November 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

the measure of a reading

after conscious effort
to disregard all the
acedemics of writing
I get into it
throughout the reading
I always find
myself measuring its success
by counting how many
watch my lips as I speak
how many smile approvingly
how many lean in
as I deliberately notch
my delivery down
to a near whisper
I measure by
comparing that number
to the one of
how many shift
in the folding chairs,
the ones sleeping,
or the ones almost imperceptively
shaking their heads at my
misuse of their golden language
the true measure of success
however, comes 
paired with an
exasperated grunt
from somewhere
in the sparse room
usually timed so wonderfully
at a break in a line
and he or she rises 
adjusts a fasion miscalculation
in the form of a tam
or hem of a very proper skirt
and tries to make as unquiet
an exit as their exalted
position allows
me, silently hoping
for a banged knee in the process
and escorting them away
with too much puncuation
uneven cadence
and a joyous
thank-you, come again


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