robbing the mystery

October 19, 2011 § 4 Comments

I realize now
that I don’t want to know
that stars are only burning
orbs of gas, I want back 
their tiny bit
of mystery,
robbed from me
in the third grade

and truth be told, any
knowledge of my DNA
or how closely my 
ancestral line is tied to
that of the great apes,
I wouldn’t mind
disposing of either,
it’s information that’s 
done precious little in moving me
in anything that could be 
considered forward progression
and for that matter
let me return to believing
that snow is somehow magical
animals have the gift of language
and that all smiles are exactly
what they are meant to be

furthermore I most certainly
don’t require inside scoop concerning
the physics behind gravities pull

I simply want to believe again,
when leaping from rock
to rock while crossing a stream
that yes, even
if only for a second or two,
I can


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