self made man

October 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

ignoring backs
bent below you
how it was
you can never forget 
in your mighty hands
the golden wheel of your
star schooner, 
riding high on seas
of fraudulent glory
scuttled by circumstance
of your making alone

made to live low now
among those in whose
breast beat a collective
heart of servile insurrection 
you wait now, 
a dweller of trenches
wait, knowing
nothing is so
addictive than revenge
for that first
lunge that will
bring them pleasure

no excape from these thoughts,
formulated in tarpit existance,
your blind stance
bound tragic
realities as if
with the very
shreds of her mainsail

let it be known
your prow tore through many
on the heading you took
you paid no heed
you proclaimed to have
had ownership of the wind
you felt yourself to
be the one thing that
one can never be – a self made man


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